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Aromatherapy & mental fatigue

Several oils are mentally stimulating, but I have not found one which surpasses basil oil. A drop or two of basil on a source of heat such as a bowl of hot water, or specially designed fragrancer is, for me, as good as going for a walk along the sea front. Not only do I feel mentally alert, but refreshed also.

Aromatherapy mental fatigue

I would recommend that office workers keep a bottle of basil in their desk for use mid-afternoon, when 5 o’clock seems so far away; or when the job demands that you work overtime, but your brain doesn’t quite feel able to cope.

I have often thought – on reading newspaper reports about overworked hospital doctors struggling to keep awake – that if only they could have a whiff of basil oil, it would perk up their brain cells just as coffee does, but without causing any strain on the kidneys.

Other oils which are stimulating and are perfect to use in any situation where tiredness is becoming a problem, whether in the workplace, home or car, are : rosemary, rosewood, lemongrass and the citrus oils – lemon, orange, bergamot and grapefruit.

When you need revitalizing, decided to have a basil bath. Basil essential oil must be used with caution, as the ingredient which makes it a brain stimulant can also be irritating to the skin. I use just two drops to a full bath, and mixed it thoroughly.

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