Aromatherapy Essential Oils Recipes

Essential Oils for First Aid

Another fantastic use for essential oils is to use them for first aid. Some are incredibly effective in reducing swelling and even helping with bruises.

You can also use it to clean cuts and deal with any irritations of the skin.
If you plan on cleaning cuts with essential oils, make certain to get a recommendation from your medical provider. Improper use could cause greater irritation.

One of the best general first aid oils is therapeutic level lavender which is extremely versatile. Apply the proper dosage on the area that is inflamed or hurt.

Helichrysum is another great essential oil to help prevent inflammation and bruising, since it has the ability to get deep inside the tissue and into the blood stream. Often it is suggested to use helichrysum if the swelling is more severe.

For the best results with any essential oil make certain to add a cold compress to your first aid routine to help with the swelling.

I have found that rosehip seed works well for not only dealing with irritation, but also in tackling scarring and wrinkles. For dealing with scarring, rosehip seed needs to be applied once the stitches have been removed. This can help minimize any potential scarring.

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